Halloween Safety

October 30, 2018 - by Rakesh Chopra MD - in Health

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Make sure your Halloween is spooktacular and safe with these 7 tips!

  1. Eat Well.  Halloween is a time to eat some sweet treats, but balance is key! Try passing out healthier alternatives like fruits and water or non food items like stickers and pencils.
  2. Healthy Bite.  Limit sticky and gummy candies that can get stuck in your teeth.  The longer sugar stays on your teeth, the greater the chance of tooth decay.  Brush and floss to reduce your risk of cavities.
  3. Play It Safe.  While trick or treating, take precautions to stay safe.  Wear reflective gear, watch out for cars, walk with a group, and carry a flashlight.
  4. Scare Away the Flu and Colds.  Get your flu shot, and frequently wash your hands.  
  5.  Don’t Be a Zombie.  Sleep is important–even on Halloween! Getting the recommended 8 hours helps you fight diseases.
  6. Get Moving.  Carve out time this Halloween to be active.  Explore a pumpkin patch, go to a haunted house, or get lost in a corn maze.  Whatever activity you choose, find a way to incorporate some exercise.
  7. Smoke and Mirrors.  Keep your Halloween activities smoke and tobacco free!

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