• Ear piercings are available by appointment only. Cannot be combined with any other office visits or medical questions / concerns.
  • We pierce only earlobes (no cartilage, nose, belly button, or other piercings).
  • Children must be 6-12 months such that they can be easily held in parent’s lap, or 4+ years old. Piercing is contingent on the child being able to sit still on the table or parent’s lap and cooperate with minimal intervention.
  • Child must be up to date on vaccines up to 6 months of age.
  • Piercings are done under sterile conditions using the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System. It is a no-touch system with each earring packaged in sterile cassette. Every part of the instrument that comes into contact with the ears is sterile and disposable.
  • Earrings are made of medical plastic (0% nickel) or medical titanium (<1% nickel). The studs remain in the ears for about 6-8 weeks after piercing. After the first 2 months, choose 18k or more gold or sterling silver earrings, nickel free earrings to prevent allergy or irritations.
  • Please bring a hair tie to the appointment.
  • Make sure older children do not have activities or sports that require them to remove the studs up to 6-8 weeks after piercing. Swimming is not recommended for 2-3 days after piercing.
  • Cost of piercing will start at $75 (both ears) and $45 (one ear) out of pocket, not covered by insurances. Payment is due at the beginning of the visit and payments are non-refundable once the sterile package is opened. Outstanding balances must be paid on the patient’s account prior to scheduling an ear piercing.
  • Payment includes: piercing by a medical provider, cost of the earrings themselves, and after care kit / instructions.
  • Nobody has perfectly symmetrical earlobes. We do everything we can to make sure the holes are symmetric, but ultimately the parents are responsible for confirmation of correct placement.
  • Risk associated with ear piercing include: localized pain, infection, scar / keloid formation, migration of back of earring into earlobe, tearing of earlobe if it is ripped out, and choking if earring is removed and put into mouth.


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